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    Hey Everyone,

    IF you would like to be apart of the Owls review team please sign up here. We need your email address to get started so please leave it below. We need everyone to pay for shipping but we will give you the products for free.

    The main thing we want to achieve is 2 fold.
    1- to establish any changes that may need to be made to any of our products os they can be the best possible product.
    2 – Establish a clear rating score for our products that is honest and transparent so people can make the right decision for them.
    3 – to have an open feedback loop about the anecdotal information received from tying out products so that people who are needing relief can find it here

    To do this we will need to have accuracy when it comes to reviewing our products.

    The main questions points I have come up wiht are

    1 – Taste
    2 – Consistency
    3 – Dose
    4 – Effects

    It is also important to know how regulary your smoke cannabis or if you would be a light, medium or heavy cannabis user and we can define what falls into that bracket. We would love some feedback from all of you so please let use know.

    I think we would choose a day where everyone would be expected to have tried the products. Members of the review team should also get further discounts on products due to participation in growing this parliament.

    Let me know what you thnk,

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