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    Thank you everyone. We are going to cap this at 10 people while we start everything. Ideally people who have being watch the YouTube and have been already participating.

    Right now we have 3 elixirs – saffron, elderberry immunity, cherry berry cacao.

    We also have 3 tropicals made with owls live resin cbd and also special mushroom blend that I will go into another time. We have the heating and cooling and also the unscented for those who has cancer or other condiions where heating and cooling would feel uncomfortable.

    I will also add in the hash so we can get feedback on it too. Right now we are updating the options on the website for each of you to place the order and just pay shipping and not have others do it who wouldn’t be reviewing the product.

    Thank you all for being apart of this. Our growth is a gradual consistent climb and with having each of you reviewing the products before release we are going to shine bright. I will have another update before the end of the day.


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