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    I got my first pack of the samples and I am pretty impressed.

    I have been mixing my Elderberry in with my guava kombucha and the taste is phenomenal, solid effect that lasts a good duration. I also like the Chocolate one as well, pretty sweet and has a nice after taste. Overall I find the 40mg concentration to be great for evening use and the 20mg during the day. I think for the most part they taste great directly on your tongue, however I am not a huge fan of the Saffron as much as I want to be. It seems like there is a strong alcohol taste that just reminds me of taking a shot. I understand tinctures are meant to be in alcohol but this one is not for me as much as I would like.

    As for the topicals. I have been using the unscented for about a month now and have been having good luck with my Psoriasis around my hairline and behind ears. I have noticed a reduction in scaling for sure. I tried the cold topical with little luck to feel the cold sensation and will report back about the heating one.Kombucha Elixir

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