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    Recevied my package. Was sent off on Tuesday and arrived on Saturday. Very quick turn around, impressed.

    Everything was packaged nicely. So far I’ve only had the chance to try the chocolate tincture and a small piece of the hash.

    Took 1ml dropper under the tounge, let it chill there for as long as I could – didn’t burn, pretty good chocolate taste. Wasn’t disgusting, somewhat pleasing. Pretty neutral for me, but I don’t expect a sugary treat with my medicine.

    As far as feeling – I felt pretty damn relaxed. To be fair, I have had a few beers and had a piece of the hash on top of a bowl of d9 flower. Enjoyable experience all around – very good day, and didn’t have to remedicate. Typically I would of smoked multiple bowls of d9 flower.

    I plan on starting tomorrow and trying the tinctures by themselves, probably 2 ml worth of dose. I’ve smoked cannabis for the past 20+ years so my tolerance may be a bit fuckey compared to someone who hasn’t had much experience with it. We will see what happens and I’ll condense my thoughts in a more thougt out post – I just wanted to let the folks @ owls know I got the package and am pleased with it so far.

    Didn’t speak much on the hash but the shit was tasty. I’ll give it some personal time soon.

    One love.

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