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Luke Walker

Thank you Luke and Owls. Here are my reviews.


Choco cherry — my absolute favorite. Delicious. Effects are calm. Zen. Did not make me sleepy. By wizards, for wizards. Could use this everyday. Took various doses (5-40 mg).
Elderberry – love this one too. Taste is tart. Effects were great. I just felt really, really good. Various doses (henceforth V.D.)
Saffron – I enjoyed this one but it is my least favorite of the three. Taste is strong. Effects were uplifting, focusing. Heavier doses were cerebral. Stayed up late. V.D.


Real hash. Potent and delicious. Aroma is phenomenal. Smoked some, vaped some (Pax 3). Could be the move. V.D.


Heating — nice
Cooling – nice
Unscented – FIRE. Smells amazing. Cannabis cologne.

I’m happy to give more detail on these.

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