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    Amora is by far my favorite. The taste is absolutely amazing a minty fresh, sweet taste and a bit of that spicy taste at the end. But not as bad as the Astute. I took a 1/2 dropper dose, and felt the effects in 35 55 mins about the same as Astute. The effects are a nice relaxing and calming sensation with lowered anxiety/head noise. I did take a nap after dose one of the times but it was 1 droppers and I was tired before hand so I don’t know if I would contribute that to dosing or just bad on my part it was a nice nap tho. Over very happy with the effects. The length of effects is about an hour 45 too 2 and a half hours. I couldn’t tell a huge difference between the Astute and Amaro. However I would say the main difference is the taste obviously, and a bit of a more up beat feeling on Astute. I wouldn’t change anything with the Amaro formula very much enjoyed the experience I’ll definitely be picking some up when it comes out.

    Jaimz Myers

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