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        This post is to be used for reviewing our Astute tincture. I just wanted to go over a couple of things before we get started.

        All tincures will come in 30ml bottles. The samples reflect the same dose but in a 10ml bottle.
        1200mg is 40mg per dropper which is 1.3mg per drop.
        3600mg is 120mg per dropper which is 4mg per drop.
        There is 30 drops in 1ml

        This info above will male sure you all know the appropriate dose.

        Ok so lets move onto the tincture itself.

        What does the word Astute mean ?

        “having or showing shrewdness and an ability to notice and understand things clearly : mentally sharp”

        This tinctures has being forumalted for day time use. It is a very up feeling due to using d8 nano and also including celestrus oil which is a very tough oil to forumalate with due to its bitter taste. Here is some more information on the main ingredients.

        Traditionally referred to as “the elixir of life”, Celastrus paniculatus is used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance mental function , promote mental longevity and cognition.

        While there hasnt being human backed studies of Celestrus oil it may have the following benefits
        – help protect the brain
        – improve memory
        – antioxidant effects
        – reducing inflammation.

        When it comes to DHA oil there are plenty of scientific studies proving

        – Reduces Heart Disease Risk
        – may improve adhd
        – reduce the risks of preterm births
        – fights inflammation
        – supports muscle recovery after exercising
        – may improve dry eyes and diabetic eye disease
        – has been linked to a lower risk of several cancers, including colorectal, pancreatic, breast and prostate cancer
        – May Help Prevent or Slow Alzheimer’s Disease
        – Lowers Blood Pressure and Supports Circulation
        – Supports Men’s Reproductive Health
        – reduced risk of depression

        Reshi spore oil has been shown to
        – Boost the Immune System
        – have anti cancer properties
        – may reduce fatigue and depression.

        Blood orange oil is a mood enhancing, body detoxing, inflammation killing oil and it also tastes great 🙂

        Once we add all of these together with our main cannabinods D8 nano and CBDa it will provide you with a very sativa like effect. It gives you this elevated state and mental clarity that you wont find anywhere else.

        Please share any of your experiences below. Thanks
        Team Owls

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        Shonté Hanna

          So, I ended up trying different dosages over several days. My bottle said 40mg on it. I found that the right dose was 2 droppers. For me, I had to take it 2.5 to 3 hours before I wanted to feel the results. A light and slightly citrus taste that I found pleasant.

          I found that I was more aware of sensations and more thoughtful about them.

          It had a drying effect on my mouth and eyes.

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            This helps a lot. My main nag was the dropper and not having measurements, so that clears things up. As far as Astute is concerned I really enjoy the effects. I felt them much faster than Shonté, 35 to an 60 minutes. I had the 120mg bottle and used 1 to 2 droppers. The effects were pretty good I felt relaxed with less shoulder, back, and neck pain. Along with a clear mind which never really goes together in my experience. I also felt like I was more interested in what I was doing. I was having better conversations, I’m very bad at holding a conversation so that was helpful. I would say they lasted 2 3 hours, but I was taking d8 dabs after about an hour after dosing. For taste I enjoy the initial taste, but after about a minute of having it sit in your mouth it got “spicy”. That’s the best way I can think of to describe it, like you had to cough almost. But I started putting it into 28oz body armor orange mango with 2/4 drops and it helped significantly the bottle lasts 4 6 hours drinking mainly water. If there’s away to fix the “spicy” I think it’s probably Celestrus oil but cinnamon oil could have been it too honestly have no idea. But if removing either of those changes the effects I would leave them because adding it to a drink basically removes it completely and taking a drink of after letting set in your mouth for a few minutes also takes it away. Finally feeling/consistency which are important and shouldn’t be forgotten haha, the oily residue left in your mouth is minimal which is amazing I’ve had quite a few tinctures that makes you feel like you just ate a handful of Crisco. Consistency was good I had a little bit of trouble with the dropper dripping but if you just hold it over the container and move it quickly to your mouth there isn’t much of an issue just something I noticed. Overall I really enjoy the product and would highly recommend it. Im trying to get my parents onto cannabis and tinctures are probably the best way to go so here’s hoping haha. Have a wonderful day/night whenever you read this, and sorry if it’s to long I tried my best to add punctuation to make it less confusing and easier to read.

            Jaimz Myers

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              I submitted my review via the form emailed to me, but I want to chime in and reiterate what I and some others here have said – the effects of this were excellent, but it had one of the most bitter tastes I’ve ever tasted in my life. I can hardly bring myself to take this stuff because of how terrible the taste is. I don’t mean to be rude, but I cannot imagine paying for this with the way it is now.

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