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I tried one of the elixers

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        Okay guys I tried one of the elixirs this morning before coming to work. I am not sure of which one since the names were not on the bottles only initials. It was the yellow orange in color one. I only took about 0.5 ml’s so roughly 30 mg if my math is accurate! Man let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. I feel fabulous. It kicked in in about 45 mins. It has almost curved my appetite which is a great thing. I feel so relaxed yet motivated to get shit done! I feel very lucid and care free when not focused on anything but when at my computer very dialed in and eager to work! It’s like whatever I am choosing to do or focus on it makes me very tuned in and hard to get distracted! I am really loving this first impression so far! Eager to hear what others experiences are!

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          Hi Misty, that was definitely the saffron. The power of the other herbs is what really makes this flourish. That lucid feeling comes from the blue lotus and saffron. We are adding more structure to how they reviews are done including a questionnaire or survey monkey that everyone can fill out. Sue is leading the review team and will reach out to you to go into further detail. 30 drops is 1ml so obviously 15 drops it .5ml. You must have had the 60mg bottle, How was the flavor some have mentioned that it was a little alcohol heavy. Do you have another to add ?

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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