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my reviews of elixirs, hash, and salves

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        Hi everybody –

        I’ve been meaning to submit my reviews for weeks now but I have been in the process of moving and it’s been difficult to sit down. That being said, I’ve been trying out all of these Owls products in my downtime.

        The elixirs taste great. My personal favorite is the elderberry, with the chocolate as a close second. Don’t get me wrong, saffron is great, too, but when its d8 elixir time I reach for the elderberry first. I tried to add them to sparkling mineral water for flavor, but the taste was lost in the mix. Also, I believe I may have misunderstood the dosing. The label said 60mg/1ml, which I initially understood to mean that 1 dropper would be 60mg. I was surprised when 5 droppers later I only felt a little buzzed. My tolerance is not that high. For example, if I eat a 50mg gummy, I’m definitely feeling that. I would definitely buy some of these when they drop. And I think a line of sparkling beverages would be fucking awesome…

        The hash tastes great, too. It didn’t hit quite as hard as I anticipated, but damn if it doesn’t smoke and taste just like good old hash. I’ve been adding it to the top of bowls of owls moon rock for a little somethin’ extra. I wasn’t a big hash user before I switched to d8, so I can’t say for sure if I’d buy this on my own, but I do think it’s excellent.

        The salves… oh man. I’ve been reading others reviews of the salves and people are saying incredible things about them. I am gonna be frank – I hated these. They felt disgusting on my skin and did not provide me any pain relief whatsoever. I have chronic back pain (usually L5/S1) after slipping a disk powerlifting a few years ago. Since I’ve been in the process of moving apartments, my back has been taking on some heavy loads. I tried both the heating and the cooling one on my back and then my neck, respectively. They neither heated nor cooled the areas I applied them on. There was little to no discernible pain relief. Moreover, they took forever to even begin to absorb into my skin, leaving me with a thick greasy layer on my back. I couldn’t wear a shirt without feeling the disgusting sticky clinging sensation of the fabric against my greasy back. After several hours, I went to bed and had to lay on my side to avoid the feeling of sticking to my bedsheets. I did at one point try to wash them off, with some success. I have been quite surprised by people’s seemingly miraculous reports about these. I’ve considered just plopping the whole container onto my back and seeing what happens. For my money, Tiger Balm is still supreme, as well as a kratom and CBD-based salve I have purchased from a kratom supplier I trust. I wouldn’t have minded the fact that the d8 salve didn’t work for me if it didn’t leave that greasy layer. To be clear, I applied more and more over a period of several hours, to no avail.

        I want to thank Owls for giving me the opportunity to try these products. I’ve been a fan since the d9 days and it’s been great to see what the brand has done and what it is doing. Without Owls, I’m not sure I’d have found d8 and made the switch like I have. It’s been an amazing change for me. Excessive D9 consumption gave me intrusive thoughts that wreaked havoc on my self-esteem and at times paralyzed me in my daily life. I am generally a high-functioning person who works a stressful and demanding job in a helping profession, so having the mental clarity, memory, attention span, and more positive sense of self has been massively indispensable in terms of living my life in a more even keel, gratifying way.

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