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        I appreciate the work Owls puts into the products. I’ve enjoyed each product and hope my review helps the team.

        I’m a frequent D8 consumer and have not touched D9 for over 10 years.

        1. Saffron Elixir (8 out of 10)
        Taste: Although I enjoyed the taste, the alcohol was on the strong side. This elixir tasted most like the medicine of the three.
        Smell: Similar to the taste, the alcohol was noticeable and reminded me of a homemade tincture.
        Eye appeal: Of the three elixirs, the Saffron seemed the least consistent in how everything was mixed. I noticed separation within the liquid that was less appealing.
        Effects: Absolutely enjoyed Saffron. The effects at 20mg were conducive to easing stress while focusing on school. At 40mg, I thoroughly enjoyed energetic hikes while maintaining a clear head. The clarity of each elixir is what impresses me the most.

        2. Elderberry Elixir (7 out of 10)
        Taste: Loved the taste of Elderberry. It was sweet but not quite like candy. On point.
        Smell: Elderberry comes through as I open the bottle.
        Eye appeal: loved the way this elixir looks. The liquid is fairly consistent.
        Effects: Comparable to the capsules.

        3. Choco Elixir (9 out of 10)
        Taste: Loved the taste of this one. It tasted sweet with a hint of bitterness. Very enjoyable.
        Smell: Enjoyable from the moment I opened the bottle.
        Eye appeal: Of the three elixirs, this one obtained perfect consistency in thickness. No separation.
        Effects: As Luke stated, this Choco = Zen. I loved this elixir for any time of the day. I think marketing it as a pm elixir might be misleading for me since I had trouble falling asleep with it. However, Choco calmed my nerves and settled my mind to focus on the task at hand.

        4. Hash (9 out of 10)
        Taste: Absolutely loved the taste of this hash. The taste was on point with hash I use to get back in 2009 that was super dank. My primary critique is the harshness, but that could be from the D8 infusion.
        Smell: It was difficult for me to pick up a strong smell. The smell was subtle.
        Eye appeal: I have not stumbled across a hash that looks this good since 2009. I am impressed by the color, texture, and pliability.
        Effects: I enjoyed the uplifting effects of the hash. However, to be marketed as a D8 product, I was expecting something stronger. When I think of hash, I think of a concentrate that is stronger than ordinary forms of consumption. I think the challenge here results from the nature of every D8 consumption is a form of concentrate.

        5. Balms (not sure how to rate these yet)
        Smell: I love the subtle smell of each balm. They do not overpower the room with their aroma.
        Eye appeal: The balm’s consistency and pliability make them appealing for the user.
        Effects: I’m not sure how to measure the effects of the balm, yet. I hope to explore them further as use cases arise.

        I appreciate the generosity of the Owls Team and Luke. If there are any questions about my review, feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything.

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