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          Hey Everyone,

          IF you would like to be apart of the Owls review team please sign up here. We need your email address to get started so please leave it below. We need everyone to pay for shipping but we will give you the products for free.

          The main thing we want to achieve is 2 fold.
          1- to establish any changes that may need to be made to any of our products os they can be the best possible product.
          2 – Establish a clear rating score for our products that is honest and transparent so people can make the right decision for them.
          3 – to have an open feedback loop about the anecdotal information received from tying out products so that people who are needing relief can find it here

          To do this we will need to have accuracy when it comes to reviewing our products.

          The main questions points I have come up wiht are

          1 – Taste
          2 – Consistency
          3 – Dose
          4 – Effects

          It is also important to know how regulary your smoke cannabis or if you would be a light, medium or heavy cannabis user and we can define what falls into that bracket. We would love some feedback from all of you so please let use know.

          I think we would choose a day where everyone would be expected to have tried the products. Members of the review team should also get further discounts on products due to participation in growing this parliament.

          Let me know what you thnk,

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            Thanks for the generosity and for implementing a product review process that isn’t like the solicited reviews we commonly see on youtube.

            My email:

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              Yes first reply on the forum lets gooooooo. Thank you Steven for being apart of it all. We want to move forward together. We are just adding the function to the website now to add the shipping only options.
              Do you have any other ideas about how the process can be improved, any other questions that should be answered

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                  One question I have regards the quantity of the product people plan to review. Is this a one-dose review? Or multiple doses? Essentially, what is the expectations reviewers should have in mind when receiving a product. In my experience, my full opinion on a product is not formulated until about a week after the first experience. I’m not sure why that is, but after sitting on a product and having time to think about the taste, smell, and effects; only then do I begin discovering what I actually think about a product.

                  With that said, I think the goals laid forth above with the aspects of what you are looking for in a review are spot on. My 2 sense only seeks to add a little more for the reviewer’s information.

                  But I’m sure you already have something like this in mind as products continue to roll out.

                  You’re the wizard!

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                  I would love to review your products. I finally got my hands on your Nano capsules and I take one every single morning as a part of my daily routine. They are absolutely amazing. I have tried so many different tincture brands and all of them take way way too long to take effect. I am so excited to try a nano version. This may just be what so many have been searching and waiting for.
                  thanks for doing what you do. This is changing peoples lives and improving the quality of life for so many people.

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                    yes I would love love love to be included and a part of this review team if at all possible.
           and my name is Misty

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                    Shonté Hanna

                      Hi everyone. This is exciting.

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                      Shonté Hanna
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                            Thank you everyone. We are going to cap this at 10 people while we start everything. Ideally people who have being watch the YouTube and have been already participating.

                            Right now we have 3 elixirs – saffron, elderberry immunity, cherry berry cacao.

                            We also have 3 tropicals made with owls live resin cbd and also special mushroom blend that I will go into another time. We have the heating and cooling and also the unscented for those who has cancer or other condiions where heating and cooling would feel uncomfortable.

                            I will also add in the hash so we can get feedback on it too. Right now we are updating the options on the website for each of you to place the order and just pay shipping and not have others do it who wouldn’t be reviewing the product.

                            Thank you all for being apart of this. Our growth is a gradual consistent climb and with having each of you reviewing the products before release we are going to shine bright. I will have another update before the end of the day.


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                              Hey guys!

                              My name is AJ and I work with Owls! I am a pretty regular user of Delta8 & THC. I recently got a chance to try out the new Elixirs that Owl’s is launching soon, and I just wanted to share my experience with you all!

                              Taste & Effects:
                              The flavors come in Elderberry, Chocolate, and Saffron
                              -Elderberry: My FAVORITE! It was very tart & sweet. I mixed it into a ‘Body Armor’ drink and sipped on it throughout the day and it gave me a laidback, long-lasting high.
                              -Chocolate: So this had like a “cherry” tartness to it at first, but it was followed with a strong chocolate after-taste. Was a little strong at first, but I got over it really quickly. I used this directly on my tongue, and it gave me a buzz for a couple of hours.
                              -Saffron: I’ll be honest and let you know that I personally am not a fan of Saffron, so of course this was not my favorite; however, I was very surprised at how delicious it actually was when I tried it. While it did still have that strong Saffron taste, it had a little sweetness to it too.
                              Consistency: Very thin, runny. Not a bad thing: blends into your drinks VERY easily. However, it can be messy if you are not careful.
                              Dose: I used 12 drops of the 40 MG Elderberry in my ‘Body Armour’; and I used 4 drops of the 20 MG Chocolate directly on my tongue, same for the Saffron.

                              I hope this was helpful to you, and helps give you a little insight on what to expect when you get a chance to try them yourselves!


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                                Not sure if i’m late to the party – but i’d love to try out and review your products if still needed.

                       – thanks in advance.

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                                  Everyone all f you have being activated and can now go to the products page a click the link to put the review pack in your cart and then you just need to pay for shipping. We will be sending 01 of each of our elixars – Saffron, elderberry, cherry berry cacao and also our platinum owl hash some Topicals. it is important that we share any kinks in this process as you are all on the ground floor. We would like everyone to give us the information back so we can make adjustments if necessary to flavor, potency or consistency.


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                                  Luke Walker

                                    Thank you Luke.

                                    Having trouble finding the package on products.

                                    For some reason I have two accounts lol


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                                      Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to hearing everybody’s experiences! D8 and Owls especially have been game changers for me.

                                      Would love to review


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                                        Hey Luke,

                                        Was trying to find an e-mail address to send a message and tried using the e-mail the mail delivery system wasn’t in working order.

                                        Just wanted to let you know that, also do you have an e-mail where I could send you a message regarding forums/customization? And if you are having troubles with your mail delivery system I can probably help with that as well.

                                        Take it easy.

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                                          I got my first pack of the samples and I am pretty impressed.

                                          I have been mixing my Elderberry in with my guava kombucha and the taste is phenomenal, solid effect that lasts a good duration. I also like the Chocolate one as well, pretty sweet and has a nice after taste. Overall I find the 40mg concentration to be great for evening use and the 20mg during the day. I think for the most part they taste great directly on your tongue, however I am not a huge fan of the Saffron as much as I want to be. It seems like there is a strong alcohol taste that just reminds me of taking a shot. I understand tinctures are meant to be in alcohol but this one is not for me as much as I would like.

                                          As for the topicals. I have been using the unscented for about a month now and have been having good luck with my Psoriasis around my hairline and behind ears. I have noticed a reduction in scaling for sure. I tried the cold topical with little luck to feel the cold sensation and will report back about the heating one.Kombucha Elixir

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                                            Recevied my package. Was sent off on Tuesday and arrived on Saturday. Very quick turn around, impressed.

                                            Everything was packaged nicely. So far I’ve only had the chance to try the chocolate tincture and a small piece of the hash.

                                            Took 1ml dropper under the tounge, let it chill there for as long as I could – didn’t burn, pretty good chocolate taste. Wasn’t disgusting, somewhat pleasing. Pretty neutral for me, but I don’t expect a sugary treat with my medicine.

                                            As far as feeling – I felt pretty damn relaxed. To be fair, I have had a few beers and had a piece of the hash on top of a bowl of d9 flower. Enjoyable experience all around – very good day, and didn’t have to remedicate. Typically I would of smoked multiple bowls of d9 flower.

                                            I plan on starting tomorrow and trying the tinctures by themselves, probably 2 ml worth of dose. I’ve smoked cannabis for the past 20+ years so my tolerance may be a bit fuckey compared to someone who hasn’t had much experience with it. We will see what happens and I’ll condense my thoughts in a more thougt out post – I just wanted to let the folks @ owls know I got the package and am pleased with it so far.

                                            Didn’t speak much on the hash but the shit was tasty. I’ll give it some personal time soon.

                                            One love.

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                                              Hey Owls Team!

                                              Would love to be a member of the review team!
                                              Email: hello (at)
                                              Instagram: mrmagoo710

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                                                  Your all set and now you just need to place the order. Click on the products section once you log in and the review team pack will show up.


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                                                Joe West

                                                  This is Joe West i hope i have done this right

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                                                  Shonté Hanna

                                                    I received my pack. The saffron taste amazing. I like the alcohol warming. Can also taste the honey, very comforting. I’ll be making a better report on this later. Luke, can you give us a video on the hash? I cant comment on the topicals because I didn’t receive any topicals.

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                                                      Okay I received my review pack of tinctures and ointments.
                                                      Start with ointments:
                                                      Smell is mild not overbearing it’s smells nice and natural not like medicine or alcohol which is really nice. They rub into the skin perfectly without a heavy oily layer left on the skin. I gave these to my parents to try because my dad has had bilateral knee replacements in the past 2 years and suffers from pain in his legs daily and my mom suffers from arthritis and also a knee surgery last year! They have both tried various CBD creams and pills and hot packs but none have given them any long term relief. My dad was very skeptical to try but after some encouraging words and a weekend of severe pain for him after mowing the grass he called me one morning saying he tried one of the creams out. He tries the D-8 cooling cream. He said well misty it did help me sleep through the night. He said he rubbed it on after showering before bed and actually slept through the night which he rarely does. I could tell he was still pessimistic but said I will see if it continues to help or like all the others and quits working after a couple of applications. Well let me tell you, between him and my mom using them they only have one jar left! They both apply the creams to their knees and my mom uses it as a hand cream every morning and they both sweat by them! It is strange because it has even improved the skin on my moms hands! Her hands look 10 years younger!!! Lol I know this has nothing to do with the purpose of the cream but I guess an added bonus! Anyway, my parents are health freaks and only want to use natural medicine remedies and if they approve in something that is saying a lot I promise you! My moms huge scar on her knee has even faded it is crazy I need to send you some before and after pictures of her scar that she sent to me and how the skin has come to life and tightened in the area around the scar where she has been using the cream daily!
                                                      Anyway sorry this review is so long I will post my review on the tinctures next and I personally tried all of these and can not wait to share my thoughts! Thank you again Owls for allowing me to review these products I feel honored!

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                                                          Just WOAH is all we can say here at Owls. Completely blown away to receive such good feedback from your family. Thank you Misty. You have been very detailed and this is exactly what we are needing to make sure we are only putting out the best.

                                                          Thanks again,

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                                                            ∆8 Cooling Cream? Wow I’m excited to try that!

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                                                          Luke Walker

                                                            Thank you Luke and Owls. Here are my reviews.


                                                            Choco cherry — my absolute favorite. Delicious. Effects are calm. Zen. Did not make me sleepy. By wizards, for wizards. Could use this everyday. Took various doses (5-40 mg).
                                                            Elderberry – love this one too. Taste is tart. Effects were great. I just felt really, really good. Various doses (henceforth V.D.)
                                                            Saffron – I enjoyed this one but it is my least favorite of the three. Taste is strong. Effects were uplifting, focusing. Heavier doses were cerebral. Stayed up late. V.D.


                                                            Real hash. Potent and delicious. Aroma is phenomenal. Smoked some, vaped some (Pax 3). Could be the move. V.D.


                                                            Heating — nice
                                                            Cooling – nice
                                                            Unscented – FIRE. Smells amazing. Cannabis cologne.

                                                            I’m happy to give more detail on these.

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                                                                LUKE WALKER THANK YOU FOR THIS FEEDBACK. I really liked how broke everything down so clearly. This was very helpful. How did the Pax 3 handle the hash. Does it clean easily. I would think it would leave hash residue that wouldnt be to nice for future vaping or maybe your put some flower in the vape and put it on top ?

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                                                                Luke Walker

                                                                  Keymaster Luke,

                                                                  I used the concentrate adapter for the Pax. It cleaned out nicely.

                                                                  Ill innovation on everything all around.

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                                                                  I’d love to join the review team I’ve tried many d8 products and I’m still searching for one that has all the benefits I’m looking for I was in a serious car crash in 2019 that left me in 9 months of pt 4 days a week 6 months with a chiropractor 3 days a week and 11 shots in my back and many prescriptions later I still deal with intense back neck and shoulder pain but since I’ve moved to an illegal state I lost the 1 thing that consistently help ease the pain without the side effects I’m hoping d8/cbd will fill the void left by living in an illegal state thanks for the opportunity

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                                                                    Hey Owls!!
                                                                    I know I am a little late to the party but I would love to be apart of the review team. I have a wide variety of experience with CBD/Delta 8 products from Topicals and Tinctures to Flower and Carts so I feel I could provide accurate feedback based on similar products. I currently use products as a day to day routine so would love to try something new and possibly better. Hope to be apart of the Team


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                                                                    Helen Fang

                                                                      Please sign me up for the review team. I am very excited to try your products, especially anything for sleep. I am happy to pay for shipping and provide feedback.

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                                                                          Hi Helen Fang! We’d be happy to add you to our review team. Please respond with your email and we’ll get you signed up ASSP! Thank you for your interest, we’re excited to connect with you 🙂

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                                                                          Hey everyone. I have started a new thread for specifcally reviewing the astute tincure. I have provided more explanations about the main ingredients. Please provide any insights and experiences there.

                                                                          Team Owls

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