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Q/A Part III

Chief Owl once again covers new hot topics relating to Delta 8 and the industry.

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Why OWLs


With countless cartridge models available on the market, choosing between them can be quite overwhelming. Working tirelessly with over ten different hardware manufacturers, conducting hours of rigorous product testing, we managed to select the best cartridge the market has to offer. The secret is in the coil: our cartridge utilizes an all-quartz heating element instead of metal, ceramic or cotton! This vastly improves the flavor and battery life, while retaining industry standard variable voltage control.

Ask any avid extract consumer and they will tell you: the best material to dab from is quartz.  Metals and ceramics transfer heat far too quickly to permit as enjoyable an experience. Quartz elements, in both recreational and industrial applications, transfer and hold heat better than any other material on the market. Furthermore, quartz coils may be operated at a far lower voltage than metal or ceramic coils, vastly improving the battery life. Our adjustable voltage batteries are programmed to fire at 1.6 volts, 2.3 volts, and 2.8 volts, which provide you with a vaping experience that is far superior to anything else currently available.

Additionally, our cartridges are fully customized and our attention to detail is unparalleled. Each Owl cartridge has the strain name etched around its base,so our loyal customers need no longer wonder which flavor they are using.The batch number is, likewise, etched beneath each cartridge so our customers know with which batch of oil and terpenes their cartridge was filled.

Each batch of cartridges is individually tested for potency, terpenes, residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Each of our cartridges comes in a childproof container made in the United States from reclaimed ocean plastic. Our anti-counterfeiting measures are industry-leading: we took extra security steps to make any counterfeiting extremely difficult, so our customers know the products they are enjoying are authentic. We ensure this utilizing a one-time QR code called Cannverify: an American company that specializes in keeping companies accountable. This 7-layer label is tamper evident once opened and cannot be duplicated, as it runs on a decentralized system called block-chain, just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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