Fruit Flavored Gummies (750mg CBD)
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Fruit Flavored Gummies (750mg CBD)


750mg per jar

Our juicy fruity gummies are crafted with flavor and potency in mind. With wild-crafted flavors like Cherry Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Tangerine, and Peach Pear, these juicy fruity gummies are a tasty avenue for your daily dose. Our mixed-fruit gummies are made with full spectrum hemp oil to allow for maximum cannabinoid synergies.

Made with grass-fed gelatin, all-natural ingredients, and sweetened with brown rice syrup.

Organic | Third-Party Lab Tested | No Preservatives | Gluten Free | Non-GMO

Full Ingredients Below

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$65 per pack



    Directions For Use:
    Take one gummy, once or twice daily as needed.
    If you tend to be sensitive to CBD potency, try starting with half a gummy and working your way up to ensure an optimal experience. If higher doses are desired, work your way up slowly to ensure optimal experience.

    Contains 30 gummies, each 25mg CBD each

    Our gummies are packed in containers with child-proof lids.

    Full Ingredients:
    *Brown Rice Syrup, *Cane Sugar, Grass-Fed Gelatin, Xylitol, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Colors, Wildcrafted Flavors, *MCT Oil, *Caranuba wax. *Certified Organic

    Note: Contains Gelatin


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